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    AGRO Techno Industrial Marketing turnkey flour mill in 2005 and entered the Kazakhstan market as a seller of machines. Last 5-year period of time "Ozenir MILLING" brand in the region 60-600 tons / day capacity ranges up to 50 delivery of the project has successfully realized. Sales of our products are the property of all Turks.

    Expanded its product range and market area at the beginning of 2010. Agricultural machines, drip irrigation systems, and screw machines, central office and Showroom in Almaty-Kazakhstan "AGROKAEN" brand caters for all the Central Asian market.

    Sector in Turkey with the most recent tehnoloji produced, and in later years the sale of products with international certifications in this area aims to ürütemini.

    Turkey's most established manufacturers of agricultural machinery "MAK TEKYATAĞANLI AGRICULTURE. SAN. and TIC. A. Ş. "Investment in the joint. Our company provides technical service and spare parts service, professional and technological agriculture, the service aims to offer expert staff peoples of the region

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